Performance Research Group

The goal of the Performance Research Group is to conduct research to explore fundamental and applied sport science topics for enhancing sport performance. The complexity of living beings lends itself to multi- and inter-disciplinary research to investigate how humans and other living organisms are able to achieve and improve their performance. Consequently, we conduct research from a range of perspectives on topics including: Biomechanical feedback in sport; Physiology of the female athlete; Professional practice issues and interventions in sport psychology, and; Psychological states underlying excellent performance in sport.

Wellbeing Research Group

The goal of the Wellbeing Research Group is to explore and understand issues influencing health, exercise, sport and physical activity. Our focus includes understanding the ways in which individuals and social groups experience and give meaning to physical activity, health and illness conditions, which can help inform policy and practice by taking into account people’s everyday lives. We conduct fundamental and applied multi-disciplinary research that aims to develop understanding of a range of topics including: Sociology of port; the lived experience of health and illness conditions; physical-cultural embodiment; Psychology of physical activity and exercise; optimal experiences in exercise and physical activity; athlete mental health and help-seeking; race, masculinity and its representation in the media.

Dr Hannah Henderson, Associate Professor