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Welcome to the University of Lincoln, College of Social Science Research website. This website aims to provide an overview on the wide range of research undertaken within the College of Social Science.  It contains details of events, current studies, community resources and information on how you or your organisation can become engaged with research within the College.

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Featured Research

An exploration of the wellbeing of prison governors and senior managers in England, Wales and Scotland.

In 2021, a multi-disciplinary team of researchers at the University of Lincoln were commissionsed by the Prison Governors Association to evaluate the state of their members’ health and wellbeing, with this being particulary pertinent following the immense pressure experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on semi-structured interviews with 63 prison governors and senior managers, two members of the team will discuss our findings and talk about the next steps in terms of how we hope these will impact on policy and practice. Key themes of our research include not feeling valued, impact on mental and physical health, frustration over lack of autonomy and fears for the future. Our recommendations for a more
positive way forward will also be included.


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