Following a period of significant staffing changes, we decided to organise our research around five thematic clusters in areas of recognised research strength: international law, human rights, criminal justice, environmental law, and corporate/ commercial law. Our aim is to stimulate grassroots research in line with the plans and career stage of researchers in the School, with experienced researchers providing mentoring and peer support. Opportunities for engagement in cross cutting research is enabled through the use of international and external research networks like the Lincoln Centre for Environmental Justice, East Midland Police Academic Network, and the Earth Systems Law network. Leads of Research Units, Groups and Centres: Richard Barnes (Director of Research); Andra Le Roux Kemp (Director of Post-Graduate Studies) Cluster leads: Nicolas Kang Riou (Human Rights); Max Brookman-Byrne (International Law); Richard Barnes (Environmental Law); Karen Harrison (Criminal Justice); Nkechi Azinge (Commercial/Corporate)

Prof Richard Barnes, Professor of International Law

Karen Harrison, Professor of Law and Penal Justice