About Us

For many people the most common view of research, and what a researcher does, is a university academic researching the causes of a particular disease or the development of a new drug.

However, research can be much broader than this, encompassing nearly every aspect of the world around us.

Research falls broadly into two types:

  1. Research that seeks to understand the world around us.
  2. Research that looks at how our world changes, or alters, when it encounters different forces or interventions.

Social science research is the specific study of human behaviour, looking at the how and why, we as individuals, groups and societies, do (or don’t do) the things we do?

Social Science research can examine how our bodies and brains develop but it can also look to understand how such things as politics, the environment, poverty and education impact on our everyday lives. Sometimes it will bring a new understanding to the fore, in others it will test interventions that might improve the services and societal structures we engage with every day

Social science research is important in that, although it hasn’t allowed us to eliminate such things as; poverty, crime or homelessness, it does help us understand a) Why these things happen? b) What might be done to reduce them?

The College of Social Science Research Support Team provide advice and support to academics within the college, in support of research, research funding, impact, knowledge exchange and income generation.

Specific functions include:

  • Signposting and advising College of Social Science academics on: research, impact, knowledge exchange, external partnerships, consultancy and enterprise activities.
  • Advising College of Social Science academics on internal funding streams and support for research, impact and enterprise activities including the coordination of the annual College Research Fund.
  • Support and co-ordination of College Research Committee, REF & Impact Working Group and Research Excellence Framework (REF) submission.
  • Administrative and financial support of externally funded research.
  • Facilitation of the College Peer Review process.
  • Coordination of College research events including, research seminars, away days, forums and training.
  • Update internal and external College Research Pages, produce and distribute College Research Newsletters and assist in raising the research profile through our social media platforms.

The Research Support Team

  • Todd Hogue, College Director of Research

    I am currently Working with Offenders and Professional Practice and Risk. In addition, I am Programme Leader for the MSc in Healthcare in Secure Environments where I teach the module on Offending and Risk as well as coordinating the Thesis Module. On the undergraduate programme I teach a module related to Risk Analysis mainly within a forensic context

  • University of Lincoln, College of Social Science, Steve Corbett, Research Impact and Knowledge Exchange Manager,
    Steve Corbett, Research Impact and Knowledge Exchange Manager

    Knowledge Exchange and Impact Manager can support you with.

    My current role involves advising and supporting schools and individual academics within the College of Social Science on all aspects of research impact and knowledge exchange. Including the planning, writing and supporting individual academics when addressing impact within research funding applications. Other parts of my role include working with academics to help identify and engage external partners to facilitate research funding applications, impact and income generation opportunities. I also support with competitive tenders, contract research and consultancy and I also manage a small pot of funding to support academic engagement with external partners.

  • University of Lincoln, College of Social Science, Frances Pearson, Senior Research Officer
    Frances Pearson, Senior Research Officer

    I came to the University of Lincoln in early 2019 after a number of years spent working in the Third Sector. I have most recently worked for Nacro managing a large and geographically diverse portfolio of commissioned and non commissioned supported housing services for vulnerable and complex needs groups across the county of Lincolnshire.

    Prior to this my experience lay in managing mentoring and citizenship programmes for young people in Manchester and Lancashire via Reach Out and The Challenge. I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BA Hons in Sociology and Social Policy and went on to study a Masters degree in International Social Policy at Nottingham.

  • University of Lincoln, College of Social Science, Research Support Team,Helen Reece, Research Officer
    Helen Reece, Research Officer

    My main responsibilities within the College of Social Science are post award administrative and financial support for externally funded research, consultancy and non-standard education projects; facilitation of the College Peer review Process; coordination and monitoring of the College Research Fund; College Research Seminar coordination; College Research events organisation including, away days, forums, training workshops and the College annual showcase; Research Excellence Framework (REF) submission support to Unit of Assessment Coordinators (UoAC); College Research Committee and REF & Impact Working Group officer and support to the Senior Research Officer and College Director of Research

  • UoL CoSS research administrator

    I provide wide-ranging clerical and administrative support to the College Director of Research and College Research Support Team in the delivery of research activities across the College of Social Science, including the coordination of College Research Seminars, AwayDays, Workshops, College Annual Showcase and other College Research Events.

    I also update information on the internal and external College Research Pages, produce and distribute College Research Newsletters and collaborate with the College of Social Science media team to help raise the research profile through our social media platforms.