There are many definitions of recovery in mental health. Community Rehabilitation Teams (CRTs) aim to support the mental health recovery of people. The Individual Recovery Outcomes Counter (I.ROC) is a way to measure recovery. To determine if being supported by a CRT helps mental health recovery for people transitioning from an inpatient service to the community. Individual reliable and clinically meaningful change indices were calculated for a total of 31 people. Two I.ROC questionnaires were completed by 31 people. Of these 31 people, 14 people had three completed I.ROC questionnaires. Of the 31 people, 17 showed a positive reliable change and three people made a clinically meaningful change. Of the 14 people, one had a positive reliable change, two had a negative reliable change, and no-one had a clinically meaningful change. The I.ROC shows the CRT to successfully support recovery in people with mental health difficulties.

University of Lincoln, College of Social Science Research

Angela L. Baufeldt, University of Lincoln

Dave Dawson, University of Lincoln