Bringing together a team of leading international experts in the field of research, this book provides an up-to-date and accessible overview of applied research methods in the prehospital environment.

Written to support the needs of the paramedicine, emergency medicine and wider healthcare communities in this rapidly advancing research setting, the authors introduce the key areas of research design and methods, evidence-based practice, ethics and quality improvement for both the novice and the more advanced researcher. Relevant examples of prehospital research are also included to fully explain and illustrate the key approaches.

High-quality, robust evidence is of the utmost importance to inform prehospital clinical practice and ensure better patient care. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in undertaking research within the prehospital or emergency care setting, including undergraduate and postgraduate students in paramedic science, medicine, nursing and allied health.

University of Lincoln, College of Social Science Research

Gregory Whitley, University of Lincoln, School of Health and Social Care

Niro Siriwardena, University of Lincoln, School of Health and Social Care