Dr Trish Jackman (Associate Professor in Sport and Exercise Psychology) is a certified Specialist in Applied Sport Psychology (SASP-FEPSAC) and is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist in Training on the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science Sport and Exercise Psychology Accreditation Route (BASES SEPAR). Trish is offering sport and exercise psychology consultancy to individuals and teams/groups.

Individual support

Individual support involves one-to-one meetings with a client. The initial session involves gaining a better understanding of the client and the area that they would like to develop through psychological support. Common areas that individual support often focuses on include performance-related issues (e.g., nervousness, confidence, concentration), support while recovering from injury, physical activity motivation, and performance lifestyle and wellbeing. Individual support is often provided to athletes, exercisers, coaches, and parents.

Team support

Support for teams can involve group-based educational workshops and team-level interventions. For educational workshops, we will discuss areas for development that may benefit the team. Team-level interventions involve a similar approach to the individual support initially, with time spent getting to understand the team environment to identify areas for development that could help the team. Common areas for team-level interventions include identity and culture, teamwork, resilience, leadership, and cohesion. Team-level interventions generally involve support for the coaching team to develop the team environment.

Group workshops

Educational workshops can also be delivered to groups on a range of topics. Potential groups for group workshops may include athletes, exercisers, parents, coaches, sport science and medicine personnel, fitness professionals, or people in performance-oriented environments. For educational workshops, we will discuss areas for development that may benefit the group and the workshop would be tailored accordingly.


Support can also be provided at the organisational level. Sport organisations, for example, may seek support to develop a psychology programme within their club.

For more information, contact Trish on pjackman@lincoln.ac.uk.