A forthcoming edited collection lead by the Following Young Fathers Further team will be published on 30th December 2022: Men and Welfare’, edited by Professor Anna Tarrant, Dr Linzi Ladlow and Dr Laura Way.

It is inspired by themes examined in ‘Men, Gender Divisions and Welfare’, an edited collection published in 1998 by Popay, Hearn, and Edwards. While international policy agendas reflect a growing commitment to critically addressing the relations between men, masculinities, and policy, in policy and popular discussions, societies continue to grapple with the question of ‘what to do with men?’ This question reflects an ongoing tension between the persistence of men’s power and control over welfare and policy development, alongside their ostensible avoidance of welfare services. The collection constitutes an up-to-date account of the gendered and social implications of policy andpractice change for men, and their inherent contradictions and complexities, tracing stability andchange over the past 25 years. Across nineteen chapters, the book considers diverse themes including young men and masculinities; parenting, fathering and grandfathering; men’s engagements with formal and informal welfare contexts; and ageing, belonging and loneliness. Jeff Hearn and Jennie Popay also provide a Foreword to the text, reflecting on how debates have evolved since they edited their 1998 collection.

This book will appeal to students and scholars in diverse fields, particularly in sociology, social policy, applied social sciences, gerontology, gender studies, youth studies, welfare studies, politics, and social geography. Given the volume’s empirical attention throughout to policies and practice developments, it should also be of interest to those training in applied and vocational degrees such as health andsocial care, social work, family support, and health visiting.

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