Mental Health, Health and Social Care Research Group (MH2aSC), Prof Ros Kane, Professor of Nursing and Public Health and Director of Research: Mental Health, Health and Social Care Research Group

 MH2aSC has evolved to encompass a broad range of research activity that involves social care and adult health, particularly cancer care through a partnership with Macmillan. The primary focus of this research group is to provide expert resources to government policy strategists, health, social, and education economies to create and drive innovation in health and social care settings. Key themes of our research include mental health, health and social care integration, valuesbased practice, workforce development, and service innovation and improvement.

Healthy Ageing Research Group (HARG), Prof Mo Ray, Professor of Health and Social Care: Healthy Ageing Research Group

 The Healthy Ageing Research Group (HARG) is allied with the Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health (LIIRH). Key areas of interest include experiences of ageing; healthy ageing; preventative and early intervention strategies in quality of later life through improved community and statutory provisions, including integration. Research in our group aims to support the challenges faced by an increasing global life expectancy and ageing populations. Our research aims to contribute to developing strategies which maximise the benefits of an ageing society as well as considering strategies to address the challenges.

Community and Health Research Unit (CaHRU), Prof Niro Siriwardena, Professor of Primary & Pre-Hospital Health Care and Director, Community and Health Research Unit

The Community and Health Research Unit (CaHRU) is a University recognised research centre. CaHRU’s mission is to increase people’s health and well-being by improving the quality,
performance, and systems of care across the health, social, and third sector care services through our world-leading interdisciplinary research. Our work promotes high-quality care to enhance the experience, safety, effectiveness, efficiency and equity of healthcare by examining and transforming the performance and function of health and social care practice, organisation and delivery.

Lincoln Clinical Trials Unit (LinCTU), Prof Graham Law, Professor in Medical Statistics and Co-Director of Lincoln Clinical Trials Unit

The Lincoln Clinical Trials Unit (LinCTU) was setup in 2020 at the University of Lincoln by the Community & Health Research Unit to support clinical trials. LinCTU is located in the newly established University of Lincoln Medical School and engages directly with the Medical School, the Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health(LIIRH), academic colleagues and the wider NHS community.

The international vision is to develop an identity which allows us to attract the type of trials and
studies where we have particular strengths and expertise.