Allied health professions public health research priorities: A modified e-delphi study in the United Kingdom


This study identifies the United Kingdom (UK) Allied Health Professions (AHP) public health research priorities through a modified e-Delphi study conducted with an expert panel.

Study design

A modified e-Delphi study was utilised in this study.


This study used a modified e-Delphi approach to reach a consensus on research priorities. Expert panel members were invited to participate and complete three rounds of the e-Delphi. Ethical approval was obtained through the Public Health England Research and Evidence Governance Group.


A total of 38 participants completed three rounds of the e-Delphi study between September and November 2020. Consensus was reached on nine AHP public health research priorities.


Several areas of AHP public health research were identified as priority, however, a number of priorities refer to the impact of AHP public health activities as opposed to empirical research. The identified priorities will be used to progress the AHP public health research agenda through a UK wide AHP public health strategy implementation group and through support and engagement from the AHP professional bodies and arm’s length bodies.

University of Lincoln, College of Social Science Research

Laura Charlesworth, Public Health England

Linda Hindle, Public Health England