Fathering and Poverty: A new publication by Dr Anna Tarrant

Dr Anna Tarrant from the School of Social and Political Science released a book in August 2021 titled ‘Fathering and Poverty: Uncovering men’s family participation in low-income contexts’ (Policy Press), which is available in hardback, paperback and e-format:


The book draws on pioneering multigenerational research with men in low-income families to engage critically with dominant policy narratives that construct them as largely absent, irresponsible and uncaring. In their own words, men who are young fathers, single primary caregivers and kinship carers, discuss their family lives in-depth and describe their diverse pathways into caregiving and ‘doing kinship’ across the lifecourse. Developing the concept of family participation, the book also interrogates how men’s family involvement is affected by the resources available and the constraints upon them, considering intersections of gender, generation and work, as well as the impact of austerity and welfare support.

Illuminating aspects of care within economic hardship that often go unseen, Fathering and Poverty deepens our understanding of masculinities and family life and the policies and practices that support or undermine men’s participation.

Watch this space for further information about an online book launch.