The Clinical Research Network (CRN) National and the CRN East Midlands funded two Research Associate posts for one year in order to promote and develop research in Public Health and Social Care. Both posts are based at the University of Lincoln in the School of Health and Social Care. The social care post, held by Louise Marsh, is intended to promote the social care research agenda by raising awareness and activity within the social care sector. A previously poorly engaged and under-researched area, it comes with unique challenges but great opportunities. Drawing from established models like ENRICH, Louise, who has extensive experience in the social care sector will engage with domiciliary and day care services, charity, voluntary and faith sectors as major social care providers. The public health post, held by Sam Cooke, will aim to champion public health research across the East Midlands by promoting and engaging in research activity within the public health sector. Sam will work closely with researchers, local authority staff, and organisations to develop public health networks, facilitate shared learning, and drive areas of high research priority. This post will offer great opportunity in contributing towards building public health research capacity across the region. Our presentation today will summarise how the roles were developed, what they hope to achieve and the kinds of benefits and impact that collaborative partnerships such as this one can have on research within the University and the wider public health and social care arena.

Dr Ros Kane, School of Health and Social Care
Prof Mo Ray, School of Health and Social Care
Dr Samuel Cooke, School of Health and Social Care
Ms Louise Marsh, School of Health and Social Care